50 years of experience in
Integrated Food Systems

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Initiative and Determination
Transparency and Honesty
Openness to Collaboration
Reliability, Credibility, Compliance with Laws
Customer Focus

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Our company has been operating for over fifty years as one of the first representative firms in Turkey.

Especially in the food sector, we represent some of the world's most important machinery manufacturers for white meat, red meat, fish, potatoes, and other food industry machinery.

These brands have a significant market share in their respective fields not only worldwide but also in Turkey.

Historically, our biggest feature has been contributing to the development of the sectors in which we operate by bringing important technologies to Turkey.

Our company is not just a representative firm; its most important feature is its specialization in consultancy, sales, and after-sales technical service.


To make timely and accurate sales of process machinery that shapes food production worldwide and contribute to the economy in Turkey.

To meet our customers' expectations at the highest level and provide them with the fastest and most beneficial service.

To ensure continuity in the sectors we operate in with our machinery and equipment, produced without compromising quality, through innovative ideas.

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